The Creepy Line “reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook”

“The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle – hence powerful – manner in which they do it. Offering first-hand accounts, scientific experiments and detailed analysis, the film examines what is at risk when these tech titans have free […]


“Owned unearths the complicated, painful, often disturbing history of housing policy in America, shifting perceptions about what the idea of home means.Directors Giorgio Angelini“

Fix It (critical look at healthcare)

“With more than forty voices advocating for reform: activists, health policy experts, economists, physicians, nurses, patients, business and labor leaders. Fix It takes an in-depth look into how our healthcare system is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians and negatively impacting on the nation’s health, while remaining un-affordable for a third of our […]

Amazon: Invalidated

“Thrust into a battle to save his invention, inventor Josh Malone uncovers the shocking truth that our patent system is weakening, property rights are at risk and American Innovation is dying! Our weakening Patent system is invalidating property rights, and with it, the incentive to create. Money and inventions are now going to other countries, […]

Amazon: Impact After The Crash (“the worst drunk-driving related accident in US history”)

“Documentary exploring the horrific Carrollton, Kentucky bus crash, which killed 27 people, mostly children, and injured many others. It was the worst drunk-driving related accident in US history.Directors Jason Epperson“

Amazon: No Stone Unturned

“ Ireland’s victory over Italy at the World Cup in New Jersey in 1994, remains a source of Irish pride. But it is haunted by memories of a massacre: terrorists opened fire and killed six innocents while they watched the match in a small village pub in Northern Ireland. Remarkably, no one was ever charged […]